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The weekend is almost here – where should you go? In the beautiful Okanagan Valley, the possibilities for going somewhere great in only one day are virtually limitless. Why not take the short drive to the South Okanagan and explore the beautiful history and the breathtaking views from any one of more than a dozen award winning Naramata… Read more »

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I think my transmission is Broken! When some people start to drive a car like a Nissan Versa with a Constant Velocity Transmission (CVT), they bring it back to their dealer thinking that there’s something wrong with it. You see, we’re all used to hearing and feeling a transmission shifting as we accelerate. When you drive… Read more »

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  There are a lot of reasons why people neglect to perform regular car service – time and money being two of them. However, there are also a lot of really good reasons why you should stick to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. Here are six of them: Safety – thousands of car accidents happen every year,… Read more »