How to Defog Your Windows Fast

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  Sometimes, when you get into your car on a cool fall or winter morning, you’ll find a stubborn layer of fog or even frost on the inside of your windows. If your car’s heating system isn’t at its best, it can take a long time to defog your windows. You can wipe away the… Read more »

Are Modern Cars Built Better?

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They’re More Complicated, but are Modern Cars Better? Almost everyone loves vintage and classic cars, and it’s no wonder that people flock to classic car shows or spend astronomical amounts on collector cars. Cars have been a big part of the lives of just about everyone alive today, at least in North America. Cars are… Read more »

How does a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Work?

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  Toyota, maker of the pioneering Prius hybrid, has decided that they aren’t going to build an all electric vehicle. They’re going to throw their considerable research and development might behind producing a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. The US government is also a firm believer in the future of the fuel cell and has a… Read more »