One Day Drives – Myra Canyon Trestles

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  If you’re a long time resident of Kelowna, you might remember the sights and sounds of the trains that once ran along the KVR line that wound its way through the hills high above the Okanagan Valley. This land is Ours! During the later part of the nineteenth century, other than a very long… Read more »

What is My Check Engine Light Trying to Tell Me?

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  The Check Engine Light can be Humorous There’s a recurring theme on the popular sitcom Big Bang Theory. Penny’s Check Engine light is on. Obsessive compulsive Sheldon can’t stop worrying about it. Penny chooses to ignore it, probably because she’s afraid that it’ll cost her an arm and a leg to get whatever is… Read more »

Should I Pay Cash or Finance my Next Car?

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Everyone would love to have enough cash on hand to be able to walk into a dealership and pay cash for a new car or even a newish used vehicle. You walk in with a fist full of money and drive away in a new car that you own outright, free of car payments. A lot of financial planning experts… Read more »

Should I take my car to my Dealer for Oil Changes?

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    Your Dealership is the best Place for Oil Changes It doesn’t happen a lot. From time to time though, you’ll hear a horror story about someone dropping into a quick lube place and then driving away with an improperly installed oil filter or drain plug. A few blocks or miles down the road, the oil… Read more »

What is a CVT (Constant Velocity Transmission)?

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I think my transmission is Broken! When some people start to drive a car like a Nissan Versa with a Constant Velocity Transmission (CVT), they bring it back to their dealer thinking that there’s something wrong with it. You see, we’re all used to hearing and feeling a transmission shifting as we accelerate. When you drive… Read more »

Six Reasons why Regular Car Service is Important

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  There are a lot of reasons why people neglect to perform regular car service – time and money being two of them. However, there are also a lot of really good reasons why you should stick to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. Here are six of them: Safety – thousands of car accidents happen every year,… Read more »

Should I Take Over a Car Lease?

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There are some definite advantages to leasing a vehicle. Monthly payments are generally lower and you can drive a much more expensive vehicle for the same monthly payment you would be making on a car loan. When you lease vehicles, you’re always driving a newer vehicle. You’re rarely faced with an expensive repair bill because… Read more »