How does a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Work?

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  Toyota, maker of the pioneering Prius hybrid, has decided that they aren’t going to build an all electric vehicle. They’re going to throw their considerable research and development might behind producing a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. The US government is also a firm believer in the future of the fuel cell and has a… Read more »

How Often Should I Change My Transmission Fluid?

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  Don’t Forget About Your Transmission Fluid You probably get your engine oil changed every 5000 km or so but what about your automatic transmission fluid (ATF)? Do you go to a quicky lube place and then dismiss the lube tech when they tell you that you should get your transmission oil changed and they… Read more »

What do Men and Women Want in a Car?

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Back in 1992, John Gray published the classic self help book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” In it, he looked at the psychological differences between men and women to explain the relationship problems that inevitably arise between the sexes. Turns out that the fundamental differences between men and women also impact their behaviour when… Read more »

Five Car Repairs you Shouldn’t Attempt Yourself

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  Tinkering on cars used to be a lot of fun. Just about anyone with even rudimentary mechanical skills and a few tools could save a lot of money by doing routine car repairs and maintenance right on their driveway. Most cars had acres of open space in the engine compartment and parts like batteries,… Read more »

Should I go to my Dealership for Car Service and Repairs?

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  When you buy a new vehicle, you pretty much have to bring back to the dealership you brought it from (or another dealership that sells products from the same maker) for all of your service and repairs while it’s still under warranty. However, when people buy a used vehicle, or the factory warranty on… Read more »

What is a Timing Belt and do I need to Replace Mine?

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  The modern automobile engine is a very complex and highly engineered piece of machinery. There are gears turning, valves opening and closing, and pistons pumping. As with an orchestra, the timing has to be just perfect otherwise everything will come to a screeching halt and your engine will literally tear itself to pieces. The… Read more »

Buying a Car for a New Driver

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  It’s one of life’s great rites of passage – successfully obtaining a driver’s license. For some of us it happens almost as soon as we turn 16. It’s surprising, but these days, fewer teenagers are getting their driver’s license, and many people are now choosing to get their license much later in life. While 87% of… Read more »

Simple Tips for Getting Stains out of Car Upholstery

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Everyone loves the smell of a brand new car. If you could synthesize that smell and bottle it, you would be a millionaire many times over. Alas, nothing last forever and before long the inside of your car tends to get pretty dirty, especially if it’s used to transport kids and pets. Dirty hands, crushed… Read more »

How often Should I get an Oil Change?

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Generations of guys used to take pride in performing minor routine maintenance on the family car. Now cars have become so complicated that checking the oil periodically has become the only hands-on maintenance performed by many drivers.It sounds like a cliché, but oil really is the lifeblood for your car’s engine. How often you should… Read more »