Winter Driving Tips

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  Winter Driving Conditions are Almost Here! Well, the snow will start to fly any day now and it’s time to start to prepare for winter driving. During and after the first snowfall of the season, there is typically a very noticeable upswing in the number of traffic accidents that occur. That’s because it takes… Read more »

Why is My Car’s Trade-In Value So Low?

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  My Car is Worth How Much? Most people have a love/hate relationship with car dealers. One of the things that bugs them the most when they’re shopping for a car is the amount of money dealerships will give them for their trade-in. Thanks to the internet, with very little homework, people can go into a dealership armed… Read more »

Is a Heavy Key Ring Damaging your Car’s Ignition?

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  The ignition switch on my older vehicle doesn’t work as well as it used to. Being an older vehicle, it doesn’t have a starter button. I have to insert a key and turn it to start the vehicle. Lately, it’s become finicky and I have to fiddle with it before I can start the… Read more »

Spring Car Care Tips

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  Spring has Sprung Another long and sometimes torturous Canadian winter is almost over. With changing seasons come changing driving conditions. Now’s a great time to get your car ready for another season of summer driving, and getting your vehicle checked over for winter damage. Here are a few spring car care tips that will… Read more »

Top Five Tire Care Tips

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Don’t Neglect Tire Care Tires aren’t particularly glamorous, but it’s no exaggeration to say that they could be the most important component on your vehicle. A postcard size patch of rubber on each tire is all that keeps you safely on the road in a variety of conditions. Choosing the right tires for your car and… Read more »

How to Jump Start a Car Safely

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Get Back on the Road with a Jump Start How many times have you headed out to your car during the winter and when you tried to start it all you heard was a clicking sound as your depleted battery struggled to turn the engine over? Winter is hard on car batteries. It’s cold, you’re… Read more »

The Importance of Wheel Alignment

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There are lots of important components on cars that are easy to ignore. Sure, there may be warning signs that something isn’t quite right but the car continues to run and gets you to point B with hardly a whimper. Eventually, however, these small problems often become much larger and more expensive problems. Wheel alignment… Read more »

Are Modern Cars Built Better?

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They’re More Complicated, but are Modern Cars Better? Almost everyone loves vintage and classic cars, and it’s no wonder that people flock to classic car shows or spend astronomical amounts on collector cars. Cars have been a big part of the lives of just about everyone alive today, at least in North America. Cars are… Read more »

Why are Winter Tires more Effective in Snow?

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    No Winter Tires and No Traction – What did you Expect? A couple of weeks ago I watched a very amusing video on YouTube. Some guy from the States wanted to see how well his all wheel drive Subaru BRZ Sport Tech would handle snow so he went for a drive and then posted… Read more »