How to Defog Your Windows Fast

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  Sometimes, when you get into your car on a cool fall or winter morning, you’ll find a stubborn layer of fog or even frost on the inside of your windows. If your car’s heating system isn’t at its best, it can take a long time to defog your windows. You can wipe away the… Read more »

What’s an Automotive Group Buy?

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Can Anyone Organize One? The Nissan Leaf is in the news these days because an enterprising young man in Quebec is trying to organize a group buy of 2500 of the vehicles. If the deal goes through, it will be the single largest sale of Leafs ever, anywhere. While the final sale price of the… Read more »

Why is the Nissan Titan XD so Exciting?

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  I’m not exactly a truck guy, so maybe it makes perfect sense that I write about my impressions of the 2016 Nissan Titan XD. Truck owners tend to be a loyal lot – once an F-150 owner, always an F-150 owner and all that. The F-150 could be the worst truck on the planet,… Read more »

Safe Winter Driving Tips for Young Drivers

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  Driving in winter presents lots of challenges. It’s easy to forget how different it is from summer driving until the first snowfall of the year hits. There is usually a rash of accidents during the first snowfall of the year as drivers try to re-activate their winter driving skills. Winter Driving can be Scary… Read more »