The Importance of Wheel Alignment

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There are lots of important components on cars that are easy to ignore. Sure, there may be warning signs that something isn’t quite right but the car continues to run and gets you to point B with hardly a whimper. Eventually, however, these small problems often become much larger and more expensive problems. Wheel alignment… Read more »

Buy your Next Used Car at Kelowna Infiniti Nissan

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Saving Money Can be Risky Buying a used car is always fraught with a certain amount of risk, especially if the factory warranty has expired. You never know if a vehicle has been abused or neglected by one or all of its former owners. You could also be handing your money over to someone who forgot… Read more »

Are Modern Cars Built Better?

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They’re More Complicated, but are Modern Cars Better? Almost everyone loves vintage and classic cars, and it’s no wonder that people flock to classic car shows or spend astronomical amounts on collector cars. Cars have been a big part of the lives of just about everyone alive today, at least in North America. Cars are… Read more »