What is a Timing Belt and do I need to Replace Mine?

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  The modern automobile engine is a very complex and highly engineered piece of machinery. There are gears turning, valves opening and closing, and pistons pumping. As with an orchestra, the timing has to be just perfect otherwise everything will come to a screeching halt and your engine will literally tear itself to pieces. The… Read more »

Buying a Car for a New Driver

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  It’s one of life’s great rites of passage – successfully obtaining a driver’s license. For some of us it happens almost as soon as we turn 16. It’s surprising, but these days, fewer teenagers are getting their driver’s license, and many people are now choosing to get their license much later in life. While 87% of… Read more »

Simple Tips for Getting Stains out of Car Upholstery

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Everyone loves the smell of a brand new car. If you could synthesize that smell and bottle it, you would be a millionaire many times over. Alas, nothing last forever and before long the inside of your car tends to get pretty dirty, especially if it’s used to transport kids and pets. Dirty hands, crushed… Read more »

How often Should I get an Oil Change?

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Generations of guys used to take pride in performing minor routine maintenance on the family car. Now cars have become so complicated that checking the oil periodically has become the only hands-on maintenance performed by many drivers.It sounds like a cliché, but oil really is the lifeblood for your car’s engine. How often you should… Read more »

One Day Drives – Myra Canyon Trestles

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  If you’re a long time resident of Kelowna, you might remember the sights and sounds of the trains that once ran along the KVR line that wound its way through the hills high above the Okanagan Valley. This land is Ours! During the later part of the nineteenth century, other than a very long… Read more »

What is My Check Engine Light Trying to Tell Me?

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  The Check Engine Light can be Humorous There’s a recurring theme on the popular sitcom Big Bang Theory. Penny’s Check Engine light is on. Obsessive compulsive Sheldon can’t stop worrying about it. Penny chooses to ignore it, probably because she’s afraid that it’ll cost her an arm and a leg to get whatever is… Read more »